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Safe Spaces Amsterdam was created to provide a safe set & setting for a positive psychedelic experience.

Most people know magic mushrooms or psilocybin truffles like a fun experience at parties or festivals. They certainly can be. Openness, a sense of well being, being more communicative, paying attention and being more authentic are all symptoms of the first pleasant phase of a psilocybin experience. It can be more however…..

The experience is an inner journey, eyes closed and dream-like but awake, seeing and feeling through the forgiving perspective of objectivity, it can positively change perspectives. Access your subconscious motivations. Question them.  To more lovingly experience another perception of the self, others and/or past or current events. To move on, evolve, grow, let go, get un-stuck and “de-velop” yourself? Change your mind and change how you feel. This is why all research consistently has positive results; Because the problem is not the problem, how you feel about the problem is the problem. The world is our perception of it and changing that is how you feel about things, from the heart. The truest center of you.

From preparation to evaluation

Experienced and compassionate trip-sitters will guide you through the entire experience from preparation to evaluation. From correspondence and advice to the intake and the session and afterwards for the evaluation & integration meetup. Via our closed group on Facebook too. We will be there, if you need us. Experienced, aware, warm, compassionately holding space for you and your personal journey of discovery; and questions later. We will cater to your needs and provide advice.

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This is our process:

1) MEDICATION – If you take medication, please consult your medical doctor about the risks. We can only guide you if you and ourselves are both safe. You are required to declare you are safe, in our terms and conditions.

2) BOOKING – You are very welcome to make the booking – no strings attached, feel free to make a reservation to decide later. If the preferred date is unavailable, let us know by email, and we will book you on the day you want. We have a great tribe of trip-sitters and will do our best to make you to feel good about us, our process, contact, information and our service. You can expect us to be honest, transparent and advise you during the process. Please follow your heart

3) LOCATION – Finding the right location for you. This could be your hotel room, an Airbnb place, a consultation room or when the weather is good, we could go into nature. We can discuss it when you get here and it is relevant, as long as you feel good about it. Your comfort is our objective so feel free and be honest.There are costs involved to rent it. We have experience with anything from any to no budget so be open so we can find the best solution for you.

4) SETTING – Creating the setting. We will bring fruit, chocolate and water. Music play lists can be selected. We have a sound speaker with battery and are mobile. We also bring fruit, water, chocolate, a list with important information in case of emergency and anything to make you feel at ease.

5) COSTS – Just one price for as long as it takes, all inclusive: intake and introduction, the session, music, speaker, internet, fruit, chocolate, juice, and obviously the qualified and experienced trip-guide. Also the day after (or later), the evaluation and integration, where we reflect on the journey, the perspective, visions and messages and what to take out of it and to bring it into practice.
The all inclusive costs are €300 cash, excl. VAT (except the location). Trip guides have a maximum of 2 clients per session. One additional client (2) per session costs €200 cash, excl. VAT.

6) REVIEWS – Some reviews are here, on Facebook. Most clients do not want to go public, but we value what we have in term of reviews. The texts in the images on the website are based on true experiences, too.

7) ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS: DEDICATED CARE – We only do one-on-one sessions because we believe in dedicated trip-sitters in a one-on-one dedicated therapeutic relationship and to guarantee the most positive experience in an undisturbed and safe session. We do not want you to be distracted by the onset of psychedelics in others and their experiences but we’d rather keep you focused on you. We create safe spaces, calm minds and warm hearts for positive  psychedelic experience. More about us.

8) TRUFFLES – We advise you to eat a modest breakfast as not to become nauseous. Around 11 we’ll arrive at your location and will guide you to a smart-shop to purchase truffles. Depending on your experience, motivations and condition a dose can vary but most are around 15 to 30 grams of fresh psilocybin truffles.

9) SET – The set is your mind-set. This is very important. Being a little anxious is normal. Trust and let go, is the main thing for a positive psychedelic experience. Knowing what to ‘visit’ in your mind is important, to have an intention, so please do check out the preparation document.

10) FEEL WELCOMEReserve your date here, fill out the form below and finally agree to our terms and conditions.

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We have experienced facilitators (our Amsterdam trip-sitters) present at all times plus medical staff on call. We optimise a safe set and setting for users of Psilocybin (the active component in legal truffels). The experience tends to be very nice and memorable. Mostly a lot of fun and feeling great and it leaves you with greater insights en positive emotions. More on the experience, risks or effects can be found here. Note! Some people are totally unaffected by psilocybin.

At Safe Spaces our clients have had only positive experiences. Not all are divine revelations or enlightening but all have experienced a shift, and feel “lighter” and have seen where or why they were “stuck”. Still this is no guarantee. If you are prepared mentally and emotionally, we will do an intakes in person for your safety and well-being and as our risk assessment. To date however, we have never had to advice anyone, not to proceed.

Don’t fear the fear. Trust the process. Feel it out. Everything starts with a first step and contact. Let us know any concerns or issues, past or present and we can try and find a way. Feel free and fill out the form below.

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Trip-guide services & Costs

At Safe Spaces Amsterdam we have an all-inn price. Sessions generally last up to 6 to 9 hours.
We start any sessions with a pre session intake & introduction.  This can be a video call or a real meeting before the session. During the session we need to be able to stay for up to 6 hours or longer, without deadline or per hourly rate, for your comfort and well being. We bring fruit, drinks, snacks and music (with quality speaker) for your preferred music play list. Afterwards we will go and have some soup and discuss your experience.  Included is also a post session evaluation follow up, which is very beneficial for integration purposes. With many clients we stay in contact because of the positive connection we had. The all-in cost per session is €300 (cash, excl. VAT & tips).

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We guide according to the principles as described in here.
We take great care in our selection of trip guides. Feel free to discuss any ideas or questions and preferences you might have. It is your experience that requires a setting you should feel safe in, so please feel free to ask anything. Please use the form below.

Psychedelic guiding has three stages; preparation, experience and integration. Thoughtful attention to all three stages is needed to maximise the opportunity for a positive outcome.

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Set & Setting

Set and setting is everything. Set is your mindset. It is how you feel. We take great care with our intake, introduction and guidance through the psilocybin journey. We have an informal atmosphere to make everyone feel relaxed and free and accepted so any concerns can be communicated.

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Your concern is our concern. You must come fit and sober and the intake of truffles will be monitored for reasons of well being and comfort. But remember, if it all goes magically “normal”, it will be (very) positive!

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