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Safe Spaces Amsterdam was created to provide a safe set & setting for a positive psychedelic experience. We feel these plants and others, are sacred. Why? Because maybe the “magic” is not that you see more colour but rather its ability to connect you to a higher consciousness and feel universal love. To more lovingly experience another perception of the self, relationships with others and/or past events.

Our trip-sitters all have experienced positive personal insights through plant medicines and other healing psychedelics. We can navigate the space and energy in the psychedelic state to stay in connection and provide awareness and care. With all research done to date, there has yet to be a fist reported bad experience. However, medication and/or mental health issues, can be reason to not to proceed. We are happy to listen to your story, your hopes and fears.

Why do we do this?

We believe that helping others reconnect to themselves to better their lives, is simply the most beautiful thing to be involved in. When we started this, it was motivated by the ambition to provide a service that was 100% positive. Something we believed in, we experienced and would aid others in undergoing similar positive but safe experiences. We believe that a psychedelic experience changes you, your life and that of others around you. It brings people back to a common idea that benefits others, the environment and especially themselves. More inner peace is the ultimate objective and in providing this service, we aim to be fit and humbled to carry out this task. With insights and experience but not heavy but light hearted and with humor.



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