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Safe Spaces Amsterdam was created to provide a safe set & setting for a positive psychedelic experience. We feel these plants and others, are sacred. Why? Because maybe the “magic” is not that you see more colour but rather its ability to connect you to a higher consciousness and feel universal love. To more lovingly experience another perception of the self, relationships with others and/or past events.

Trip-sitters will guide you through the entire experience from preparation to evaluation, we will be there in silence, if you need us. Experienced, aware, warm, compassionately holding space for you and your personal journey of discovery. We will cater to your needs and provide advice.

Our trip-sitters all have experienced positive personal insights through plant medicines. We can navigate the space and energy in the psychedelic state to stay in connection and provide awareness and care. With all research done to date, there has yet to be a fist reported bad experience. However, mental health issues, can be reason to not to proceed. We are happy to listen to your ideas, hopes and fears. Feel free to ask for any sitter or setting.

Luc is grounded, lighthearted, sociable and has passion for what he does. He’s had a very adventurous life. Luc’s life changed dramatically through the revelations about the nature of reality and psychological insights from ancient sacred plant medicines. He has given life style coaching, 40+ workshops in youth prisons and is a professional speaker on emotional well-being and a healthy life style. He believes control is an illusion and love is the answer. He is a father and he considers himself lucky, grateful, blessed and very happy. Trip sitting is simply the most beautiful thing he can imagine doing.

Angie is a fantastic trip guide. She is an American born healer who has found her soul family here in the Netherlands. She is a very dedicated and experienced trip sitter. She is also becoming a reiki master. All healing methods are tools and she is developing a full toolbox.  Her kind, warm spirit will instantly lift you- even before the psilocybin! It’s all part of her magic which is to shine like the sun on those in her care.

Immy is 29 years old. She had her first of many plant medicine journeys in 2016 where she connected with the universal love and said goodbye to the ego and fear based living she was familiar with for years. Mushrooms, truffles and other psychedelic medicines are for her a holy and powerful tool, giving by mother nature to help us find back our true selves. Immy her biggest passion is to contribute to expanding happiness, light and love. As a trip-sitter she can give form to this passion by holding space in love, awareness and energy to help you get out the most of your inner journey. ♥

Filip is 36 y/o Recovery Assistant in Mental Health and Facilitator (Ex-in modality), masseur, psychosomatic practitioner, nature lover and nutritionist. He is patient, calm and accepting suffering as part of life. His adventure with psychedelics started 15 years ago as one of the most important life experiences. His greatest wish and goal is to continue working with people affected by mental health issues (mainly: stress, anxiety and depression) and assisting them in their successful journey towards recovery. The most important principles in his work are: safety, non-directional, open approach and good connection with client.

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