event trip-sitter service

This event service, exists to educate, inform, assist and guide event visitors. We provide crews of especially trained and experienced trip-sitters and make positive what turns negative. It is not a place to do drugs! We provide guidance, information and education. We turn negative headlines into positive articles. You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf 😉

Making positive, what turns negative

Event trip sitter services

Safe Spaces Amsterdam offers event organizers a specialised Trip-sitter service. We have a team of very experienced trip-sitters, ready to receive visitors at an event space.  Especially for event visitors who suffer a worsening trip, too much of some  psychedelic or other drug. We offer these visitors a compassionate ear to calm them and speak the appropriate language and have the right energy to guide them effectively into a better space. Supervised and trained by a psychologist, Safe Spaces trip sitters provide a supportive environment.

Having trip-sitters at work, greatly reduces the number of drug-related incidents at the first aid station, it may relief security, prevent hospitalisations or arrests. We can only provide this service in very close collaboration with medical, security and other festival staff.

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Event Safe Space Area

The Safe Space Area is an option too: It will become a warm and peaceful [psychedelic chill-out] place where people under professional supervision, are no longer left to their own devices. We turn the bug into a feature and guide drug use that is otherwise an incident waiting to happen. Overseen by professional psychologists the trip-sitter teams manage the guest that they receive. We will work closely with the first aid post staff and other services to keep people safe and informed.

Information & education workshops

Moreover, we provide interactive workshops to visitors in which we provide information about the effects of different compounds and especially harm reduction and safe use.
Our coaches, trip-sitters and psychotherapists provide the interactive workshops on the various circulating drugs. We explain which risks are associated with the different kinds; How this can be done more safely, how testing works. We focus on a lot of interaction and audience questions to not preach but keep it interesting. We explain the positive scientific research results of some psychedelic compounds and sacred medicinale plants. All this a high degree of interaction, public guest speakers that can share a story, we have a lot of humor and it is full of fun facts. The Safe Space trip sitters tribe guarantees cheerful enthusiastic and compassionate people with humor that are knowledgeable and have the insights and experience to make this down-side of events, an fun, relaxed, humorous and positive experience.


Volunteer trip-sit training for visitors

We like to share our services because drug-use cannot be stopped, but awareness and responsible behaviour can be stimulated if you package it the right way. We train event visitors how to trip-sit and what it takes to become one. This is obviously a typical festival item and topic, scientific and informative, and offers an extra safety for the reception and supervision of people who are in need or would just enjoy or appreciate it. Education and information is important so all the experiences can be positive and people leave wiser.

Event staff training

Event  staff, such as security, medical staff, bar and other festival staff, are offered a Harm reduction workshop. This specific “staff” workshop provides all the information to recognise drug use, how to handle and communicate with these event guests and keep things positive and safe for everyone.   Better insight and understanding will result is less incidents, lessen the workload for security and first aid post staff.

Safe Space staff can train on-the-job too, to patrol the grounds and make guests aware of the (Safe Space) facilities, to inform guests of the Harm Reduction and Trip-sitter training (when available obviously).

The question is:

“When your visitors come to your event, and you know drugs get in, and people being people, would you want Space Spaces Trip-sitters to partner with you in this next generation festival standard? We can be creative in its finance concepts and help in sponsorships or discuss a volunteer crew. Our minds are quite open 😉

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